Chain Link Fencing

C-Posts Provide the Best Framework for Chain Link Fences

Choose Gregory C-Post as the ideal structure for chain-link applications. C-Posts begin with 50,000-pound minimum yield strength steel. Gregory continuous galvanizes the steel with 4 ounces of zinc per square foot on both sides of the metal in accordance with ASTM F1043 Type A.

The rolled shape of C-Post provides two major structural benefits. Its squared shape is exceptionally strong and offers outstanding strength perpendicular to the fence line. The second is that the open channel design dissipates moisture to prevent rust-through, an inherent problem with tubular products.

Compare C-Post with round pipe: C-Posts have greater corrosion protection because they are galvanized outside and inside. Some pipe manufacturers galvanize the outside of the pipe, but the inside is only painted with zinc-based paint. And unlike the way that round pipe traps moisture that leads to premature red rust and potential failure, C-Post's open channel design does not trap moisture. The result is a stronger, longer lasting post that adds years to any installation life.

Easy Installation

Save time and money on your next installation with C-Post fencing framework. C-Posts drive quickly and self-anchor without the added time and expense of digging holes or setting in concrete. Tests by state D.O.T. agencies show that a C-Post driven 3 feet into the ground hold as well or better than round posts set in concrete. Many state D.O.T. Standards now incorporate "driven" C-Posts in their specifications.

Some economical reasons for driving of C-Posts:

  • Eliminates digging holes to set posts.
  • Eliminates "lost" waiting time for concrete arrival.
  • Eliminates high costs where inaccessibility to fence lines requires wheelbarrow work.
  • Savings from crown capping and cleaning concrete from posts.
  • Savings from fence line cleanup of concrete spillage.
  • Savings from spreading or hauling post-hole excavated material.
  • With notch toughness lab tests revealing 'C' posts are workable at temperatures below zero, the construction season can be lengthened.
  • Major cost savings can be realized for maintenance and repair where one crew trip will suffice.
  • PVC Coating option.

Physical Properties Comparison Chart


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