C-Post & Brackets for Wood Fences

Combining Gregory’s C-Post and our uniquely designed metal brackets, you get the beauty of wood with the strength and durability of steel. Each bracket is made from 18 gauge pressed steel and designed to adjust vertically or horizontally to most any terrain. By choosing our C-Post & metal bracket system you can eliminate customer complaints associated with warped, split or rotting post caused by wind or water damage. For a wind load comparison against the other options take a look at the chart below.

Wind Load Comparison Chart

"C" Posts provide greater protection against wind loads.

Installation Is As Easy as 1,2,3...

1. Set Posts and Install Brackets

The C-Post (any size, including Super C for taller installations) is installed with the open channel facing out to accept the metal brackets. No drilling or welding is needed. Slide the bracket in place along the channel and tighten the bolt, locking the bracket in place. The unique design allows the bracket to adjust vertically and horizontally, allowing the fence to follow the slope of the terrain.


2. Install Wood Rails

The great advantage our post and bracket system has over all the others is that the 2 x 4 wood rails are butted up to the C-Posts when installed. Due to the wood 2 x 4 rails being the same thickness as the C-Post you have a much easier installation whether building a “solid picket” fence with all the fence boards on one side, or a “shadow box” design with the boards staggered on both sides.


3. Attach Fence Boards

The C-Post and metal bracket system allows the bracket to be completely covered by the fence boards and, at the customer’s option, the C-Post can be covered on the inside line of the fence by simply covering it with a fence board. This will give an all wood appearance on both sides of the fence, while supplying your customer with the strength and durability of steel.


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