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Committed to Green Products Manufacturing

At Gregory, we are committed to environmental responsibility through stewardship, environmental controls and green manufacturing practices. Gregory steel products are 100% recyclable. In addition to recycling all of our steel scrap, Gregory purchases mill steel with up to 100% recycled content for our manufactured products.

Our goal is to develop and implement innovative sustainable manufacturing technologies that reduce emissions, reduce waste and provide for a cleaner environment.

At the heart of our capabilities is a continuous galvanizing process that utilizes lead-free galvanizing, chromium-free passivation and the recycling of zinc. Processes conform to AASHTO M 180 and ASTMA653.

Green features of our manufacturing process include the use of environmentally-friendly chromium-free rust inhibitors, waste water treatment systems, air treatment systems, low-energy lighting and recycled heat.

Our Green Manufacturing Practices at a Glance:

  • Use of recycled steel
  • Recycling of all steel scrap
  • Lead-free galvanizing
  • Use of environmentally-friendly, chrome-free rust inhibitors
  • Waste water treatment
  • Air treatment
  • Low-energy lighting
  • Recycled heat

Smart manufacturing for today, planning for a better tomorrow.


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