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Gregory Guardrail: The First Choice in highway Safety Products

Superior manufacturing, service and advanced galvanizing technology make Gregory the first choice in highway Safety Products.

Family owned and operated for five generations, Gregory Industries has over 100 years of experience in galvanizing, metal processing and roll-forming that assure you of expert quality in all our products.

At the heart of highway Safety products is our continuous galvanizing process that provides inherently high-quality, consistent-thickness, zinc coated steel sheet that can be formed into W-Beam and Thrie-Beam Guardrail or custom profiles.

Gregory Advantages

Gregory's continuous galvanizing produces quality beyond other methods and offers:
  1. Uniform zinc coating eliminates weak spots in corrosion resistance
  2. Easier assembly: no build-up at bolt holes and splice locations
  3. Safer handling: smooth edges without injurious points and hooks
  4. Clean holes and slots: punched after galvanizing for accurate dimensions
  5. Nearly 100% pure zinc coating will not discolor for life of coating
  6. 4-5 times lower lead content minimizes environmental impact

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